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Business and Financial News Headlines

More Sources for Business News and Research

Asian Business and Research News Portal - Asian business, economic, and marketing research news.

BNET - Offers a wide range of documents to help businesses solve problems. Its primary focus is on white papers related to communications, finance, HR, leadership, marketing, risk management sales, and strategy. BNET also offers case studies, Webcasts, audio conferences, book summaries, and other business-related tools to help increase effectiveness.

Brint Network - Knowledge resource and global community network for business technology, information economy, and knowledge management executives, professionals, researchers, and entrepreneurs. Recommended by Business Week, Fortune, Wall Street Journal, Computerworld, Information Week, CIO Magazine, KM World, New York Times, and hundreds of other worldwide publications.

Business 2.0 Magazine Online - Business headlines, order a free trial issue, search business articles.

Business Wire - Source of current business and industry news direct from press releases.

Central Contractor Registration (CCR) Database - The government's database of vendors that are doing business, want to do business, or are applying for a grant from U.S. federal agencies. Permits visitors to search the over 300,000 vendors that have registered with the CCS and to obtain short profiles on those firms, including small and private businesses. Allows focused business searches by factors like location, ownership data, industry, business type, DUNs number, certifications, and more.

CEO Express - Business portal for executives.

CFO.com - Provides resources and articles on financial topics from benchmarking to best practices and ecommerce strategies for senior financial executives.

Hoover's Online - The Business Information Authority - Business information on 12 million public and private companies worldwide, including company profiles, in-depth financials, contact names, competitors, industry trends, news, and more.

InfoWorld - InfoWorld provides specialized IT coverage for the CTO, senior-most company executives who are deeply steeped in technology expertise and experience. InfoWorld Media Group is a division of IDG, the world's leading technology media, research, and event company.

SmartBrief - Provides news and communications services for associations, professional societies, and corporations. Subscribers obtain an HTML formatted message with headlines and abstracts of recent articles in specified journals and newspapers that relate to the particular industry selected. Industries available for tracking include healthcare, aerospace, forest/paper/wood, construction, air transport, commercial real estate, cable and telecommunications, biotech, medical devices, drugs and food regulatory information, food marketing, consumer packaged goods, interactive media and marketing, shopping malls, retail pharmacy industry, media content, retail financial services; telecommunications, and several others.

YellowPages.Com Inc. - Offers searching United States and International business listings and includes business and consumer centers.

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