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List of US Stock Betas for Large-Cap Stocks

We provide stock beta estimates for nearly 100 US large-cap stocks. Custom reports for other stocks, e.g. ETFs or all S&P 500 stocks, are available. Contact us with your request. The first beta is a long-term estimate. The second and more novel beta estimate is a time-varying beta which reflects recent market conditions and stock price behavior.

Changes over time in the characteristics of a company which affect the way the its stock price covaries with the overall market become reflected in the time-varying beta estimates. As a result, long-term and time-varying betas can differ.

We update the report below at the end of each week. Sign up to receive Update Notifications. Sort on the columns to identify high-beta and low-beta stocks.

Data updated through market close on 11/10/17


Beta estimates are based on weekly returns over the past 250 weeks. The market return is measured using the capitalization-weighted S&P 500 index of large-cap stocks.